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Heat inductor for cars, agricultural machinery and earthmoving equipment

Suitable for Cars

Suitable for Cars

Suitable for Earth Moving Machines

Suitable for Agricultural Machines


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Product code: 05.066.13 ,

Induced currents

The rinduction heating is a non-contact method that can be used to heat metals. Its application creates an alternating magnetic field in the material, which in turn generates 'induced currents': it is these induced currents that develop the heat necessary for its use.

EU legislation

For safety reasons, the use of open flames is no longer permitted by EU legislation. By using heat inductors, work complies with regulations as well as being safe for the operator and more cost-effective. In addition, the use of inductors instead of open flames allows to operate precisely even in the vicinity of heat-sensitive components.


Technical Specifications

  • Maximum power: 5 KW 16 A
  • Power supply: 400V 3ph
  • Adjustable frequency: 15 to 30 kHz
  • Work cycle: 30 minutes
  • Inductor cable length: 4 m
  • Power cable length: 9 m
  • Tank capacity: 20 l
  • Liquid cooling
  • Keyboard
  • Electrical connection: IEC 60309
  • Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 118 cm
  • Weight: 67 kg


  • Bolt disassembly (A)
  • Disassembling mufflers (B)
  • Suspension arm disassembly (C)
  • Induction heating (D)

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