Our Story

We have been bringing top quality to workshops around the world since 1979

Our mission is to simplify the work of workshops by providing user-friendly tools that guarantee the best performance.

SINCE 1979

Since its foundation in 1979 in Rimini, SPIN has made a long and ambitious journey to establish itself as a renowned brand in the automotive equipment market, both nationally and internationally.
Today, the company has a widespread presence throughout Italy (more than 1200 dealers) and has successfully established itself on foreign markets, exporting its products, through dealers and subsidiaries, to more than 90 countries worldwide.

SPIN's vision is based on scrupulous care in the production of its products. Every stage of manufacture undergoes stringent quality control tests, ensuring that every piece of equipment that comes off the production lines is reliable, robust and safe for use.
The company's pioneering approach has also enabled SPIN to produce consistently innovative products in the workshop equipment sector and was the first to bring to market important automatic machines that speed up maintenance operations on cars, trucks and transport vehicles in general.

In 1985, the first single-gas automatic air-conditioning recharging station was marketed and, shortly afterwards, the revolutionary dual-gas version, to arrive in 2010 at the launch of an entire line of automatic parts washers: this was the beginning of a long series of SPIN-branded equipment, designed and produced exclusively in-house and always conceived to improve and simplify the work of workshops.
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SPIN is spread over a vast area of more than 3500 square metres on several levels, with a large area reserved for the storage of accessories and spare parts, to ensure prompt delivery at all times.

This spacious and modern space allows for optimised production, improved efficiency and a complete dedication to quality.

In addition, for its dealer network, SPIN has been offering the MARCOTOOLS by SPIN line for over 12 years: a continuously updated catalogue of equipment that enables workshops to work safely and efficiently.

The in-house research and development department enables the production of new products and the improvement of those already in the range.

We aim to meet the needs of an ever-changing market by constantly updating our products to keep up with the latest developments in the automotive industry.

Hence SPIN's decision to market products specifically for the electric car sector as well as to develop a platform on a pull-out tablet for A/C charging stations, a unique feature.


SPIN is aware of the importance of after-sales service and support. This is why our team of experts is always available, providing a timely service that follows the end customer even years after purchase, with competence and professionalism, both in terms of telephone support and availability of spare parts.

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