Dual Gas Recovery Unit

Recuperator for R134a and R1234yf gases

Suitable for Cars


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Product code: 01.017.08 ,
  • Compressor recovery 300 g/' (in liquid phase)
  • 4.7" electronic graphics card and software 27 languages
  • Electronic scale with load cell 80 kg
  • Lp/Hp panel taps
  • Service hoses 3 m long ¼ SAE
  • Pair of quick-release couplings R134 (LP/HP)
  • Non-condensable gas safety/discharge valve (panel-mounted manual)
  • Digital reading of inlet pressure on display
  • Automatic, end-of-recovery oil drain on 250 cc container
  • Cylinder pressure gauge 0-25 Bar
  • Internal filter drier with alarm when capacity is reached (on display)
  • Automatic compressor oil separator
  • Possibility of resetting in case of internal cylinder change
  • Automatic alarm on display of overfilled cylinder (>80% of capacity)
  • Empty storage cylinder R134a (12 kg) code 01.000.266 included
  • Dimensions: 106.5 x 55 x 45 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg (without cylinders)

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