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Heat inductor for cars and agricultural machinery

Suitable for Cars

Suitable for Cars

Suitable for Agricultural Machines


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Product code: 05.066.11 ,

Induced currents

The rinduction heating is a non-contact method that can be used to heat metals. Its application creates an alternating magnetic field in the material, which in turn generates 'induced currents': it is these induced currents that develop the heat necessary for its use.

EU legislation

For safety reasons, the use of open flames is no longer permitted by EU legislation: by using heat inductors, work will comply with regulations as well as being safe for the operator and more cost-effective. In addition, the use of inductors instead of open flames allows precision work even in the vicinity of heat-sensitive components.


  • Bolt disassembly (A)
  • Disassembling mufflers (B)
  • Suspension arm disassembly (C)
  • Induction heating (D)
Max power3.7 Kw 16A
Power supply230V single phase
Adjustable frequency (kHz)15 ÷ 30
Duty cycle (minutes)15
Inductor cable (mt)4
Power cable (mt)9
Tank capacity (litres)20
Liquid coolingYes
Electrical connectionIEC 60309
Dimensions (cm)80 x 80 x 115
Weight (Kg)50

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