BUS Evolution

Automatic wheeled device for self-washing A/C systems 

Suitable for Cars

Suitable for Cars

Suitable for Trucks

Suitable for Bus


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BUS Evolution is the automatic mobile device with a simple design and reliable for cleaning air conditioning systems of different sizes and vehicle types (cars, SUVs, off-road vehicles) and in particular for large-capacity installations (vans, trucks and buses) as well as for open circuit industrial refrigeration units.

It allows make a reverse flushing without disconnecting the hoses (only to be carried out on open systems), with switching by means of valves and is equipped with an efficient high-pressure pump  which make it a reliable and professional tool for the maintenance of A/C systems.

Complete with practical handle and wheels for easy transport to the place of use.


Technical Specifications

  • Internal tank capacity: 30 l
  • Possibility of quick coupling for external nitrogen cylinder for drying and reducer (not included)
  • Possibility of reverse flow via valves on the front panel (only to be used on sectioned systems)
  • Reusable sintered ceramic filter at device inlet (A)
  • Equipped with flow indicator
  • High pressure pump >8.3 bar
  • Flow rate: 51 l/min
  • Control nosepiece (B)
  • Connector for connecting an external compressed air source
  • Service hose length: 3 m (with adapters included)
  • Power supply: 230 /240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 445 x 300 x 740 mm
  • Weight: 25 kg

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