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A/C Flushing

A/C Flushing kits



A/C Leak Detection Tools

Leak test with nitrogen/hydrogen

U/V leak seeking kits

Electronic leak-seekers

Oils and additives for A/C systems

A/C Maintenance and Repair Tools

  • 01.000.95
    Cod. 01.000.95
    Hose release kit for Toyota a/c systems
  • 01.000.49
    Cod. 01.000.49
    Kit of valves and spare parts for R134 A/C systems, multi-brand
  • 01.000.136
    Cod. 01.000.136
    Special o-rings kit
  • 01.000.15
    Cod. 01.000.15
    Mixed o-rings, 120pcs
  • 01.000.94
    Cod. 01.000.94
    Hose release kit for GM/Audi VW a/c systems, 4 pcs
  • 01.000.17
    Cod. 01.000.17
    Flexible hose with valve and 1/4 SAE couplingsand tap. Length = 3 mt, specify the colour
  • 01.000.19
    Cod. 01.000.19
    Flexible hose with 1/4 SAE couplings. Length = 3 mt, specify the colour
  • 01.000.197
    Cod. 01.000.197
    Couple of high-pressure rapid couplings for cars BMW5, Ford CMax, Volvo C30
  • 01.000.08
    Cod. 01.000.08
    Special rapid couplings for R134a, with taps Cod. 01.000.168
    Special rapid couplings for HFO1234yf, with taps
  • 01.000.200
    Cod. 01.000.200
    Basic kit for the maintenance of R134a A/C systems
  • 01.000.243
    Cod. 01.000.243
    Basic kit for the maintenance of R1234a A/C systems
Automotive workshop equipment

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