Breeze X4 Dual Touch

Fully automatic bi-gas A/C station, R134a and R1234yf,
for cars, trucks and agricultural machinery

Suitable for Cars

Suitable for Cars

Suitable for Trucks

Suitable for Agricultural Machines


Details that make a difference

Double gas, best value for money on the market
7" touch-screen display for clear, fast and intuitive navigation
Ready-to-use when switching from one gas to another thanks to 4 dedicated pipes (2+2)
Working cycle with automatic taps as standard
Functions automatically managed by the software, for maximum working precision
Double tank with dual scales and switching times from one gas to another < 10 min

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  • Easy human-machine interface thanks to 7" touch screen and icon-based software (A)
  • No internal contamination between gases: two separate circuits with 4 pipes, 2 for R134 and 2 for R1234yf; 2 evaporators, 2 compressors, 2 condensers, 2 filters, 2 tanks
  • Separate circuits for oil treatment: 3 channels for R134a with scales + 3 channels for R1234yf with scales (standard, used, hybrid)
  • Automatic circuit flushing at every oil change
  • Easy charging in all temperature conditions thanks to the BST system (by SPIN)
  • WSC (Winter-Summer-Compensation) function. Possibility of correcting the amount of gas loaded by operating with the +/- keys and HP/LP pressure control (B)
  • Integrated database updatable from USB port
  • Maximum recovery efficiency thanks to the standard 'MULTIPASS' function (C)
  • A/C system flushing kit with flooding - code 01.000.96 on request
  • Recirculating A/C system flushing kit type AUDI/VW - code 01.000.139 on request
  • Pressure test kit with nitrogen/hydrogen kit - code 01.000.326 on request
  • Refrigerant analyser R1234yf + R134a according to SAE and VDA standards integrated - code 01.000.263 on request (D)
  • WiFi module for data transmission/reception - code 01.000.328 on request*.
  • Standard printer
  • Balance block

(*) to be ordered at the same time as the A/C station

Touch Screen Display 7"
Tank capacity 2 x 10.5 kg
Vacuum pump100 l/min
Compressor capacity2 x 400 g/min
Standard/hybrid oil/additive injection with scale 2 x 3

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