Training certificates on HFC refrigerant gas recovery

SPIN has been accredited for years to issue certificates for F-GAS licences
with courses held on site or in appropriate external facilities.


The purchase/sale of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases (HFC refrigerant gases) is subject to the fulfilment of the requirements laid down in European Regulation No. 517/2014.

If the fluorinated gas is used for the maintenance of mobile equipment, or is sold to a user who uses it for the maintenance of mobile equipment, it is necessary for the purchaser to make a declaration, under his own responsibility, of the use he will make of the purchased gas.

In addition, if you carry out installation, servicing, maintenance, repair of mobile equipment, you must declare that you hold the Training Certificate for your workshop personnel and that you are registered in a specific Register.


SPIN has obtained certification as a body authorised to issue Training Certificates for the performance of fluorinated greenhouse gas recovery activities in motor vehicle air conditioning systems falling within the scope of Directive 2006/40/EC.

You can book to participate in the Course by filling in the form below directly or request more information by contacting our offices 0541 633274They will be able to provide you with all the useful information and a list of the requirements for obtaining the certificate.

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