Oil drain

Discharger and collector with funnel for used oil 70 l

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main features

Efficient waste oil discharger designed to simplify the process of disposing of oil from vehicles. Equipped with a practical funnel connected to the tank, this device makes work quick and trouble-free. With a tank capacity of 70 litres and a 10-litre funnel, it can handle a significant amount of waste oil. In addition, the funnel holder is adjustable to a maximum height of 1.65 m, making it easily adaptable to various space configurations in the workshop and to the scaffolding on which cars are placed. Powered by compressed air, this unloader offers an environmentally friendly procedure for oil extraction.


Technical Specifications:

  • Tank capacity: 70 l
  • Funnel capacity: 10 l
  • Height: 1.65 m
  • Compressed air supply (A)
  • Max. pressure for oil discharge: 1 bar
  • Packaging dimensions: 500 x 440 x 960 mm
  • Weight: 48 kg


  • A - Compressed air supply

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