HL30 Tronic/2

HL30 Tronic/2 high-precision headlight centre with electronic luxmeter

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Product code: 03.011.08 ,

The headlight centre HL30 Tronic/2 allows manual adjustment of the position of each type of headlamp (low beam, high beam and fog lamp) and automatic adjustment of the light intensity, ensuring flawless tuning for optimum visibility on the road.

In addition to recording essential technical data (vehicle number plate, workshop name and headlamp height), the device also records the inclination used in each operation and is equipped with a mirror viewer and laser centring device to offer millimetre precision.

The HL30 Tronic/2 can control both European as well as American and Japanese headlamps. Finally, the multilingual software platform offers maximum user-friendliness, and thanks to the integrated USB output you can connect the device to your PC to transfer all recorded data and/or print them out as required.


Technical Specifications

  • Electronic Luxmeter
  • Manual adjustment of the correct position of each type of headlight, low beam, high beam and fog light (A)
  • Automatic recording of the light intensity of each type of beacon (A)
  • Multilingual software (A)
  • USB output for connection to PC with sending of all recorded data and possibility of printing via PC (B)
  • Records vehicle number plate, workshop name, inclination used and headlight height
  • Fixed metric rod with return spring (L=1700 mm)
  • Adjustable panel, 0÷4% (C)
  • Panel for US/Jap/EU cars, for controlling both European and American/Japanese headlamps (D)
  • Standard version with mirror viewer and laser centraliser (E)
  • Fixed metric rod with return spring
  • Mirror alignment
  • Internal laser pointer
  • Plano-convex lens ø 200

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