Electronic inflator

Electronic inflators for indoor and outdoor use

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main features

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with an aluminium body to be more durable. They work perfectly in a temperature range between - 10 and 50 degrees centigrade.

They are high-performance and suitable for inclusion in the equipment of car dealerships, car rental centres and quick service centres.

The version HIGH FLOW (cdod. 03.000.40) works with 4 different measuring scales (bar, psi, kPa, Kg/cm2) to suit all needs and applications. It can inflate up to 4 tyres at a time, which is why it is well suited for use in the professional tyre workshops serving company vehicle rental centres or private and public transport.


Technical specifications - AIR - code 03.000.38:

  • Max. inlet pressure: 10.5 Bar
  • 8 m hose + inflation valve
  • Ideal for: quick service centres, car rental, dealers

Technical specifications - HIGH FLOW - code 03.000.40:

  • Max. inlet pressure: 13 Bar
  • 4-outlet manifold + 4 x 2 m hoses with inflation valves as standard
  • Can inflate up to 4 tyres at a time
  • Ideal for: tyre dealers, trucks, large fleets

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