Clever MIURA M Printer

Fully automatic A/C station, available for R134a gas and R1234yf gas,
for cars, trucks and agricultural machinery

Suitable for Cars

Suitable for Cars

Suitable for Trucks

Suitable for Agricultural Machines


Details that make a difference

5" touch-screen display for clear, fast and intuitive navigation
Oil injection/additive, standard/hybrid, 3+1 with scale
Automatic station flushing at every oil change
Remote control via smartphone thanks to free downloadable app
High machine robustness, with durable components for low maintenance
Phase and alarm lights for immediate machine status readout

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  • 5" touch screen display with intuitive icons (A)
  • Automatic AP/BP valves
  • WSC function (Winter-Summer-Compensation): possibility of correcting the quantity of gas loaded, operating with the +/- keys and pressure control (B)
  • Maximum recovery efficiency thanks to the standard Multipass function (C)
  • Easy charging in all temperature conditions thanks to the BST system
  • Integrated database updatable with USB stick (from USB port on panel) (D)
  • Standard, electric and hybrid oil/additive injectors (3+1 injectors) (E)
  • Automatic internal circuit flushing at every oil change (PAG-POE)
  • Integrated WiFi for remote control from smartphones
  • Remote control from smartphones with the free app downloadable from Play Store on Android and App Store on iPhone/iPad (F)
  • Ethernet output and cable for connection to PC for interconnection
  • Protocol 4.0 as standard
  • Phase and alarm lights
  • Vehicle compressor protection during low pressure charging (CSP)
  • Automatic recovery from pipes at end of pressure test
  • A/C system flushing kit with flooding - code 01.000.96 on request
  • Recirculating A/C system flushing kit type AUDI/VW - code 01.000.139 on request
  • Pressure test kit with nitrogen kit - code 01.000.326 on request
  • Refrigerant analyser with SAE (% gas protocol) and VDA (ok/not ok) - code 01.000.216 on request
Touch Screen Display5"
Tank capacity10.5 kg
Vacuum pump100 l/min
Compressor capacity300 g/min
AP/BP valvesautomatic
Standard/hybrid oil/additive injection3+1 injectors with scale

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