Blu Star

Petrol, LPG and CNG injector test and cleaning bench, up to 4 injectors under test
complete with 5-drawer service trolley (mod. PROFI)

Suitable for Cars

Suitable for Cars


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  • Up to no. 4 injectors under test
  • Manual recognition of injector type
  • U/S tank with timer, capacity 2 l, cold
  • Manual adjustment of revolutions, injection time
  • High pressure pump (up to 11 bar)
  • Tests on SPI and MPI injectors
  • LPG injector testing and flushing
  • Service trolley - code 05.088.40 included for mod. PROFI
  • Basic fitting kit


  • accessories included for PROFI model ONLY
  • code 02.000.41 e code 02.000.42 also included for the BASIC model

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