50 Ton pneumatic-hydraulic press

Pneumatic-hydraulic press for car repair shops, motorbikes, agricultural machinery, industrial maintenance

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main features

This press has a capacity of 50 tonnes, with a movable piston with a stroke of 180 mm. Its operating distance varies from 280 mm to a maximum of 1100 mm. It is equipped with a manual control and an air-hydraulic pump that can reach a maximum pressure of 8 bar.

The press is equipped with steel plates with a 'V' notch, a movable piston, a pressure gauge integrated in the machine body and a manually operated air-hydraulic pump with lever. This product is perfect for machine shops or garages and is ideal for machining metal materials such as sheet iron, aluminium, brassand more.


Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity: 50 ton
  • Max. operating pressure: 8 bar
  • Piston stroke: 180 mm
  • Max. feed 6 mm per stroke
  • Min. working distance: 280 mm
  • Max. working distance: 1100 mm
  • Air-hydraulic pump, also manually operated (foot pedal on request)
  • Moving piston
  • Packaging dimensions: 1980 x 880 x 360 mm (press disassembled)
  • Net/gross weight: 241/261 kg

The details that make the difference:

  • A: Pair of steel plates with "V" notch
  • B: Movable piston, pressure gauge built into the machine body
  • C: Air-hydraulic pump and manual control with lever

Accessories on request:

  • code 03.031.33 - Kit consisting of:
      • set of no. 6 punches in C40 steel, for bearing/bushing extraction
      • plate, for dismantling bearings/bushings
      • extractor flanges, no.2 pairs: Ø 35-50 mm / Ø 50-75 mm 
  • code 03.031.36 - Foot control for press

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