ATF 4000

Computerized automatic transmission cleaner and exchanger

Cod. 02.023.10


 Technical features 

  • Intuitive software that adapts to different operation mode of the workshop
  • 2 electronic scales
  • 2 pumps 220V50Hz
  • Measurement of the oil temperature
  • Possibility to operate on sealed transmissions (kit Dipstick included)

Version française

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The details that make the difference

  • Graphic display 240x64
  • Control keyboard with only 4 buttons 
  • User-friendly software with icons 
  • Multilingual software
  • Measurement of the delivery and return pressure 
  • Selection of the oil specific weight (kg/lt)
  • Possibility to operate in manual or full automatic mode 
  • Automatic discharge of the used oil
  • Protection against overpressure with "automatic recirculation" at the beginning or end of charge
  • Automatic length compensation of the hoses
  • Possibility to update the software 
  • Automatic charge of the additive, injector, 500 ml 
  • Flow meter (old/new) with led lighting
  • Removable new and waste oil tank, capacity 30lt
  • Oil filter with magnetic sensor
  • Case of couplings and hoses for European and Asiatic vehicles 


Standard equipment 

  • Kit Dipstick

  • DVD with training about the use of the machine on the car in 6 languages
  • Password for free access (for 12 months) to the website Datamotiv to consult database, reserved technical information (pictures, fitting location, etc)
  • Operating manual operativo (in 6 languages)

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On request

  • Pump 110V60Hz
  • Presetting for printer 
  • Kit of fittings for American and Japanese cars.
  • Kit additives
  • Kit 2 oil level dipstick
  • Kit of fitting and sector wrench with 2 extenders to work on the filter of DSG transmissions
  • Kit fittings for Volvo
  • Kit of adapters for ASI transmissions

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