Cod. 03.029.39

double camera video scope with 5,8 mm probe

videoscopio doppia video camera e sonda
3,5” TFT display
Camera selector at 0° and at 90° on the probe
Resolution 640X480 pixel
Function: snapshot (jpeg), video, rotation, zoom
Multilingual software
Lithium AC batteries
Video cable included
4 GB SD card included

Cod. 03.029.30

sonde for videoscope (1 meter 5,5 mm diameter)

sonda videoscopio 1metro
Probe 1 mt Ø 5.5 MM
For videoscopes 03.029.14

Cod. 03.029.40

double camera probe (5,8 mm diameter)

sonda doppia video camera
Double-camera probe Ø 5.8 MM
For videoscopes 03.029.14

Cod. 03.029.37

articulated probe 1 meter 5,5 mm diameter

sonda articolata 1metro
Articulating head probe 1 mt Ø 5.5 MM
For videoscopes 03.029.14

Cod. 03.029.41

probe for videoscope (20 meters 28 mm diameter)

sonda 20metri con lente ispezione
Probe 20 mt Ø 28 MM with magnifying glass and cable collector
Suitable for plumbers and heater technical inspections
For videoscopes 03.029.14

Cod. 03.029.14

semirigid videoscope L=1 meter 5,5 mm diameter

videoscopio semirigido 1metro
New performances:
Semirigid probe, oil-proof and abrasion resisting
4 leds with powered light
Faster video recording and picture taking
Powered memory card (up to 25.000 pictures or videos)
Menu in 6 languages (Italiano, English, Deutsch, Francais, Español. Portugues)
Better quality of the colours and resolution
Diameter: Ø 5,5mm
Dynamic Resolution 320x240 pixel
4 high-efficiency LED
3.5” screen in oil-proof and abrasion resisting tempered glass resistant
Flexible hose length = 1000/2000/3000mm
It stores pictures and video, which can be also downloaded to the pc or TV screen through USB port
SD memory card up to 2GB
It stores jpeg pictures
4 keys to scroll the menu
Rechargeable (lithium) battery pack
Applications: gasoline and diesel engines of cars and industrial vehicles, boats, aviation, a/c systems, plates, industrial machineries
Dimensions: 200x117x37
Weight: 0,7 Kg

Elements: USB port, Light adjustment, 3,5” TFT LCD screen, Menu keys, Snap shot, Video recording key, SD card slot, AV port, AC jack, Transport case.
Standard equipment: AV cable (2mt), USB cable (USB 1.1/2.0), Battery charter, Mirror 70° 90° 110°, SD card (1GB)
Other models: semirigid videoscope L=1 meter 4 mm diameter (Cod. 03.029.33).

Cod. 03.029.22

articulated videoscope L=1 meter 5,5 mm diameter

videoscopio articolato
Technical features:
Ø 5,5mm;
L = 1000
Video TFT 3,5”
Resolution: 240x360dpi
360° rotating probe
Rotating probe ± 180°
Standard outfits:
battery charter
TV cable
USB cable
SD card (1GB)
3 mirrors (70°, 90°, 110°)
1 magnet
transport case
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