Measuring instruments

Cod. 05.036.01

brake fuild tester (digital)

tester liquido freni digitale
12V power supply (battery)
- LCD display with instructions in 16 languages
- Heating of the liquid up to 320°C
- It can be used with different types of DOT and fluids for racing cars (database)
- Homologated by main brake fluid producers

Cod. 05.036.03

brake fluid tester (with pronter)

tester liquido freni con stampante
Version with external printer on request

Cod. 05.036.02

EPB park tester

tester servizio sistemi frenanti EPB
The EPB is a service tool specially designed to help technicians replace brake pads more safely and efficiently.
- Reads codes
- Clears codes
- Disables brake
- Activates brake
Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch (on request)
Updates via USB cable
Carrying case and OBD cable included
Supply from OBD socket

Testable brands:
Audi A6 (4F Chassis) Gas/Diesel Model Years 2006-2009
Audi A8 (4C Chassis) Gas/Diesel Model Years 2006-2009
Passat (3C Chassis) Gas/Diesel Model Years 2005-2008
Mercedes SL (221/230) Gas/Diesel Model Years 2003-2006
Mercedes E-Class (211/219) Gas/Diesel Model Years 2003-2006
Volvo S80 Gas/Diesel Model Years 2007-2011
Volvo V70 Gas/Diesel Model Years 2008-2011
VolvoXC60 Gas/Diesel Model Years 2009-2011
Volvo XC70 Gas/Diesel Model Years 2008-2011
Volvo S60 Gas/Diesel Model Years 2011

Cod. 05.036.00

brake fluid tester

tester liquido freni
Brake oil tester

Cod. 01.000.25

LPG leak detector

cercafughe  gas infiammabili
assistance for car and insustrial GPL/methane systems

Cod. 01.000.189

H2 leak detector

centrifughe per idrogeno
Nitrogen / Hydrogen Tracer Gas Leak Detector Complies with MSHA suitable to use with bottles N²/H² (max. 5% H²)
Tecnical Features:
Sensibility >1 gr per year
Sensor Life >300 hours
Power supply 4 AA Alkaline batteries
Warm up time >15 sec
Numerical display 1 - 9
Weight 550 gr
Warranty 2 years

Cod. 01.000.190

N2-H2 leak detector kit

kit controllo perdite azoto-idrogeno
The ultimate leak seeker for air conditioning and HVAC with N²/H² mixture
Due to the tightening of the legislation on fluorinated gases (Dir EU 842/2006) SPIN presents the most innovative kit for the detection of leaks in air conditioning systems and mobile/civil refrigeration.
The new electronic leak detector is designed specifically for the new mixtures N2/H2 (max. 5% H2). Placing of this mixture in the system in a few minutes you can: check the system for leaks, detect leak location.
The kit includes:
- N2/H2 bottle (950 cc at 110 bar)
- professional pressure reducer (48 bar) with double index gauge
- flexible tube with ¼ SAE coupling
- swivel coupling for the bottle
- electronic leak detector for N2/H2
- transport case

Cod. 04.012.02

diesel/petrol rev. counter

contagiri benzina diesel
Versatile: it can be used either as independent rev counter or as an accessory for a very large range of gas analyzers and smoke-meters. Essential for DIS ignitions and for engines without spark plug cables. Homologated according to Italian law D.M. 628
- Testing lines for cars and trucks
- Testing lines for motorcycles
- Marine fuel and diesel engines
- Current generators
- Engine compressors
- Truck and agricultural tractors
AC1 power cable from battery
AC2 magnetic pick-up cable
AC3 cable for diesel adapter
- RS 232/485 serial output for p.C.
- Rev. counter for diesel engines
- Rev. conter for fuel engines (with pick up clamp)
- Nr. of cylinder selector (1-8)
- 2-4 cycles selector
- Power supply form 10-28 Volt DC
- Dimensions: 220x50x110
- Measurement range: 300-999 r.p.m. Ris. 10

Cod. 04.023.00

set couplings for fuel pumps pressure

set raccordi pressione pompa benzina

Cod. 04.023.02

set coupling and gouges

set raccordi manometri
Profi Kit (cod. 04.023.00 included)
+ case with 3 gauges Ø100, 0-10bar, 0-2,5 bar, -1/3 bar

Cod. 04.029.01

oil engine pressure test

prova pressione olio motore
Double-range gauge easily reading up to 10 bar
Rapid couplings with valves to work safely and quickly

Cod. 04.043.00

seals control kit

prova tenuta testate
Il detects certainly cracks and water leaks on cylinder heads, seals and engine blocks. The test detector will colour immediately, if there are leaks.

Cod. 05.019.03

cooling system analyzer

prova pressione riempimento impianto raffreddamento
Radiator cap application:
Pressure Testing pump with gauge.
Connector R123 / R124 (Black color).
Connector R123 / R125 (Blue color).
Mercedes BENZ (W123, W126, W124, W201); GM (Buick); Jeep.
Peugeot, Subaru, Chrysler, Acura, GM (Nova, Spectrum, Sprint), Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Infiniti, GEO, Suzuki, Isuzu, Mercedes BENZ.
Honda Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Acura, Lexus.
Mercedes BENZ (ML-class, W163, W164), GM (achiva, skylark, gramd am-1992-2002).
Volvo, Saab, Sterling, Citroen, Renault, Fiat, Alfa, Jeep, Mini.
VW (Vento,T4, Passa-1996, Golf, Beetie, Sharan).
Audi (A4, A5, A6), BMW 345, VW (Passa-1997-2002), Porsche (Cayenne).
BMW (E46, E36, E34, E39, E38, E32, E90).
Audi, VW.
Ford Mondeo, International, Land Rover, Opel, Ssangyong motor.
Mercedes BENZ (C-class, E-class, S-class, WHO, W220, W124, W210, W211, W215, W216, W221, R230).
Ford Mondeo, Focus, C-MAX03.
Mazda (M3).
Mercedes A-class (168).
BMWE60, E63, E64, E65.
VW SHARAN 1.8T2.8.

Cod. 04.053.00

petrol engines compression tester

prova compressione benzina
Compression tester for petrol engines with manometer 0-20bar.
The kit includes:
M10x1,0 coupling (motorcycles),
M12x1,25 coupling (motorcycles),
M14x1,25 coupling (2 pieces),
M18x1,5 coupling, male for threads
M10/M12, male for threads

6721-A Compression tester – general purpose M14& M18 plug ports
6721-01 M14 & M 18 thread chaser
6721-02 M10 & M12 thread chaser
6721-03 M10 Extension
6721-04 M12 extension
6721-05 M14 extension
6721-06 M14 extension
6721-07 M18 extension
6721-081 Service kit

Cod. 04.053.01

diesel engines compression tester (basic)

prova compressione-diesel basic
Compression tester diesel engines (cars and deliveries vans) with gauge 0-70 (psi)

Cod. 04.053.05

diesel engines compression tester (global)

prova compressione diesel gobal
Compression Tester for Diesel (also Common Rail)
Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chrysler, Daewoo, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, ISU24, Landrover, LDV, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, PSA, Renault, SAAB, Suzuki, Toyota, VAG, Vauxhall, Volvo Injectors: M20, M22, M24 e Ford Stanadyne TDI Injectors
Cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, trucks, marine engines

Cod. 04.053.06

upgrade for 04.053.01

aggiornamento kit 04.053.01

Cod. 01.000.22

thermo hygrometer

It has an integrated sound which can measure environmental temperature and relative humidity in 2 minutes. This is essential when water products are used, since this instrument automatically calculates the dew point and enables a perfect adhesion of the paint to the surface.
Measuring range:
from 5 to 95% of humidity-dew
from -10° to +50°C of temperature

Cod. 05.091.10

super scraper

super raschietto
To remove labels/stickers, in hard plastic and steel blades

Cod. 05.090.23

hole enlarger (3 pcs.)

allargatore gradini 3pz
Ideal for drilling thin metal sheets without distorting
For all types of metal, industrial plastic and sheet metal up to 3 mm thick
Content: 1x4-12mm, 1x4-20mm, 1x4-32mm
Wooden case

Cod. 05.090.22

wipers and battery poles extractor

estrattore terminali batterie tergicristalli
Adjustable and suitable for most car and truck types applications: loose nut first, then put puller on the nut and spin puller handle

Cod. 05.008.01

magnetic parts dish

vassoio magnetico due magneti
(240x140 mm)

Cod. 05.013.03

magnetic carpet for wings

copertura magnetica parafanghi
It protects the car wing from scratches and accidental damage. Cloth and neoprene.
Dimensions: 110x40cm
Pack of 20pcs

Cod. 05.084.04

engine lifting crane

capretta solleva motori

Cod. 05.087.10

stand for windows

cavalletto preparazione cristalli

Cod. 05.064.00

kit for mounting and dismounting wind screens

kit smontaggio-montaggio cristalli
Kit for mounting and dismounting windscreens
The kit includes: 2 couples of swivelling vacuum cups, 2 couples of wire gripping handles, wire feeder tool, 1 ratchet, steel square wire.

Cod. 05.087.02

extendible multipurpouse saw horse

cavalletto estensibile multiuso
Working surface covered with non slip rubber
Adjustable height (up to 132cm)
Adjustable opening (from 22,5 cm closed to 138cm completely open)
Capacity 100kg
2 wheels with brake
Ideal as a support for workshops, car body repairers’ and assembling laboratories
When closed it takes 0,2m²

Cod. 04.051.00

refrattometer "trino"

refrattometro trino
A professional instrument to test:
• Density of acid batteries
• Freezing point of windsceen liquid
• Freezing point of refrigerant liquid of moto

Cod. 04.051.01

ADBLUE refractometer

refrattometro trino
It enables to assess the urea concentration in the tanks of the trucks equipped with an anti-pollution device (AD BLUE).
2 scales 0-32%
Brix graduation 0,2%
0-33% urea 0,2%
Automatic compensation of the temperature

Cod. 04.051.02

digital ADBLUE refractometer

refrattometro digitale urea ADBLUE
measure of brix gradutaion
temperature measure (°C/F)
zero setting
auto power off

Cod. 04.014.01

dual laser infrared termometer (up to 1000 C°)

termometro doppio laser
Automotive: discharge manifolds; catalytic silencers; radiators; marine motors.
Industrial: furnaces; compressors; diesel engines; general industrial plants; spray booths; ecc.
Non-contact temperature measurement
Operation Lock function
Emissivity adjustable from 0.3 to 0.99
Dimension-distance ratio: 12:1
Double pointeur laser
Data hold

Cod. 04.013.05

infrared thermometer -32C° +380C°

termometro infrarossi

Cod. 04.052.03

contact probe for 04.052.05

sonda di contatto per  04.052.05

Cod. 04.052.02

air probe for 04.052.05

sonda per aria-per 04.052.05

Cod. 04.052.05

digital differential thermometer

termometro digitale differenziale
Digital differential thermometer (for refrigeration and air conditioning)
Technical features
1. Shock-resistant
2. Compatible with K-type thermocouple probe
3. Range: -50º/+1350 ºC
4. With case, battery, instruction manual and
2 wire-type probes included
On request probe for:
air 04.052.02
contact 04.052.03

Cod. 04.019.02

digital sound level meter class 1 with USB

Frequency and time weighting Class 1
weighting networks comply with standards IEC61672, ISO-9001, CE, IEC1010
0.5” standard microphone head
Memory function to store the Max. & Min. value
Hold and Peak Hold functions
Innovation and easy operation, computer Is not need to setup extra software, after execute data logger, just take away the SD card from the meter and plug in the SD card into the computer, it can download all the measured values with the time information ( year/month/date/hour/minute/second ) to the Excel directly, then user can make the further data or graphic analysis by themselves
Measurement range: 30 - 130 dB
Resolution: 0.1 dB
Function: dB ( A & C frequency weighting Time weighting (Fast, Slow), Peak hold, Data hold, Record (Max., Min.))
Calibration VR: Build in external calibration VR, easy to calibrate on 94 dB level by screw driver. Calibrated via external SOUND CALIBRATOR (optional)
Weight: 489 g/1,08 LB
Dimension: 245 x 68 x 45 mm
Accessories Included: instruction manual, hard carrying case, CA-06
Optional accessories: sound wind shield ball, sound calibrator (94 dB), SD Card (2GB), USB cable, USB-01, data acquisition software, SW-U801-WIN

Cod. 04.018.00

sound level meter

fonometro classe 2
- SL 4001 (Cod. 04.018.00): Sound level meter class 2 (IEC651)
- SL 4012 (Cod. 04.018.05): Sound level meter class 2 with RS232
- SL 4022 (Cod. 04.018.03): Sound level meter class 1
- UPCB-2 cable (Cod. 04.018.06): for the sound level meter SL 4012, incl. Software
- Large LCD display, easy to read;
- Frequency weighting networks in conformity with the norm IEC 651 class 2 (04.018.00) or class 1 (04.018.03);
- A&C weighting networks in conformity with international standards;
- Time weighting (FAST and SLOW) dynamic characteristic models;
- AC/DC outputs for system expansion;
- VR Calibration, performable externally;
- MAX HOLD function for memorization of the maximum value;
- ABS-plastic protection case.
- Serial outlet RS232 (04.018.02 only)
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