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SPIN was founded in 1978 in Rimini, Italy. Today, more than 30 years after its foundation, SPIN is a widespread brand in the automotive market both in national and international level.

SPIN uses a surface area over 3500 m2 on several levels.

SPIN is a dynamic and young company that employs professionals, trained to fulfill and match the needs of the modern market.

At present SPIN covers the whole of the national territory and exports its brand of products in more than ninety countries.

The quality is the main objective of SPIN. The production department carries out extremely carefully the control tests performed on the product in each manufacturing step in addition to the final test of all the machineries. This method allows SPIN to reduce considerably the number of after sale problems.

The research and develop department is engaged in continuous innovation programs for the most important lines of SPIN’s products.

The commercial department is constituted by professional and skilled agents, trained to manage the network of selected distributors, who are able to convey to the market image of fair-trade practices, willingness and transparency of SPIN line of products.

Spin’s range of products includes:

  • A/C Stations for cars, trucks and buses which are distributed to car dealers, auto-electric workshops, body workshops and truck/bus dealers
  • A/C Flushing machines (for cars, buses, HVAC, mobile refrigeration), A/C chemicals, Hygienizing treatments, ozone makers)
  • Automatic Gearbox Cleaners and Oil Exchangers (4 models - manual and automatic)
  • Common Rail Injector and Pump Test Benches, suitable for testing and cleaning Bosch, Delphi, Siemens Piezo, Denso injectors and pumps (for cars and vans)
  • Injector Cleaners and Testers with Ultrasonic Tank, designed to test also GDI and FSI injectors (direct fuel injection system) by main brands such as Mitsubishi, Audi, VW, Peugeot, FIAT, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, etc. (3 models)
  • Pneumatic Shock-Absorber Compressors (universal for MacPherson) with a compressing power up to 1260kg at 8 bar (2 Models)
  • Headlight Testers (4 model)
  • Electric Test Benches for12/24V alternators and starters of cars, off-roads, trucks, buses, nautical (4 Models)
  • Nitrogen Generators for Tyres Inflation, with permeable membrane system (8 Models)
  • Portable and wheeled Boosters for 12V and 12/24V starting, equipped with automatic battery chargers and high quality GEL-AGM batteries inside (5 Models)




  • tecnoclima 4000 touch
    Tecnoclima Touch
  • Tecnoclima Profi Bottom
    Tecnoclima Profi
  • Breeze Advance Line
    Breeze Advance
  • country clima
    Country Clima
  • ATF 2000
    ATF 2000
  • PureZone Machine
    PureZone Machine
  • F3000
  • Banchetto Junior
    Banchetto Junior
  • Banchetto Profi
    Banchetto Profi
  • astrabus advance
    Astrabus Advance

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